Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wow...what a crazy two weeks I've had!

Hi everybody! I'm sorry I didn't post sooner. Wait until you hear what I've been doing! Some of you probably know about my touchdown It was great. My coach told me he was going to put me in as a running back at the end of the game. I was so excited. The other team let us have the ball because there wasn't much time left. I went out there with the guys, my friend Zach handed the ball off to me and I went for it. The other team didn't even try to stop me so it was actually easy to score. The whole team went onto the field and the cheerleaders too. They were all cheering and the parents were cheering. Even the other team cheered for me. I felt so good. There were even people crying!!! At first, I didn't get why it was a big deal but people said I inspire them and that they are so proud of all the boys for treating me so great. I'm glad if I have made people feel good. Since then, our phone has been ringing and ringing. My story has been in 3 local papers and even in the Chicago Sun Times! My mom and I, my coach and my team were on the news on Fox Chicago. Here's the link:

Anderson Cooper's talk show (Anderson Live) called and they might have us come to New York and be on his show. I guess the video has been on Fox News channel a bunch. They were going to have us on this weekend, but they had to cancel us. Good Morning America did a on-line story about me and my touchdown. We were invited to a Board of Education meeting for my school district to be honored by the superintendent. We have been invited to go to a Northwestern Football game. They said Coach Fitzgerald was inspired by me and wants to show my video to his team! This has been an awesome experience. I'm still hoping for the Today show or Ellen to call! Maybe the Bears will hire me! I am so thankful for all of this. I'll try to post again soon.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jack's touchdown!

Hi everyone, Jack's mom here. Jack is busy at school, but wanted me to post about his recent 'adventures'. Last week, his coaches and teammates gave him the opportunity to be involved in a play in an actual football game. He scored a touchdown and his teammates, along with the opposing team's players and coaches, cheered and congratulated him. Truly a wonderful moment. Jack's story was on Fox Chicago news last week (I've included a link) and was in the Chicago Sun-Times over the weekend. I have also included a letter, sent by the dad of one of Jack's teammates. We have been contacted by Anderson Live (Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show) and this morning, I did a phone interview with Good Morning America for a digital-online story. Who knows where this thing will lead? Thank you, all, for your wonderful support of Jack.

This afternoon, I attended the most memorable football game of my life.
The Haines Middle School and Batavia Rotolo 8th Grade football teams
played in the first round of the annual 8th Grade football tournament
held at Reid Field in St. Charles.  One of the members of the Haines
team is named Jack.  Jack must use a motorized chair for mobility, and
has not missed a game moving up and down the sidelines in support of his
team (rain or shine).

As the game drew to a close (the outcome of the game is
inconsequential), Batavia from its own 5 yard line called timeout and
coaches from both Haines and Batavia jogged to the middle of the field.
After a few minutes of discussion, both coaches returned to their teams
and the players got set to run a 4th down play.  Batavia, on offense,
snapped the ball and the quarterback oddly took a knee rather than
running a play, giving Haines the ball on Batavia's 5 yard line with
only a few seconds on the clock.  The Haines offense took the field, but
this time it was different -- Jack was with them in his motorized chair.
The players got set, snapped the ball, and handed it off to Jack.
Jack crossed the goal line, followed shortly thereafter by a swarm of
Haines (and Batavia) players and coaches celebrating his touchdown!!
Truly remarkable!!

A person might think this was just about giving Jack an opportunity he
normally wouldn't get.  However, it was really just the Haines coaches
and team (with the help of Batavia) saying thank you to a young man that
has provided inspiration and support as a teammate all throughout middle
school.  Contributions to a team can come in a variety of forms and
truly transcend the importance of the game itself.  Jack has certainly
made more than his share of contributions.....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A winning play in the game of life

Hey everybody--I will post soon, but here is a link to an article about me! Also if you're in the Chicago area, I will be on the Fox news at 9:00 tonight!

A winning play in the game of life - Aurora Beacon News