Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back to school...

     I am really excited for my Junior year of high school to start. I'm not excited about homework, but seeing my friends more, football games, basketball and Homecoming make me happy. I'm also excited about Team Polaris (that's the awesome club that I'm in at school). We have so much fun in that club! My sister will be a Freshman at my school this year so it will be kind of nice to see her and her friends around. I'm also super pumped about Project Dance this year, it will be in February so more details later.

     This has been a great summer. I've done a lot of stuff with friends and family. We went to Iowa a couple times and Kansas to visit my cousins. I went to a couple of pool parties that were a blast. I had some friends over to the park by my house and we just hung out and had snacks. 

     Some things to remember as school starts...

  • Try to make new friends
  • Try something new, like joining a club
  • Try to get good grades
  • Get involved
  • Be nice to everyone and SMILE

      Summer isn't over yet...


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


     Today, I am going to talk about how friends are so important for disabled people. friends make them feel less alone in a sense that they are different. It takes someone special that has good social skills and a lot of patience. I have a lot of friends who are like that. In an ideal world, everyone should be like that. My friends help me feel more normal less disabled or different.

     I want to show you guys a video about an unbreakable bond between two friends:

      I saw this on ESPN's Sportscenter. Dogs can be friends too! I have a dog and she is one of my best friends. Dogs have unconditional love for their owners.I'm so glad that Owen has Haatchi.