Sunday, February 23, 2014

I love high school!

I love high school so much! The people who work at my school are so open to me. So many people work so hard for me to have everything I need for school. I have been making new friends. I am in this awesome club called Team Polaris that is for kids with special needs and kids who don't have special needs. We do stuff together, like last night a bunch of us went out for dinner and to a dance at our school. The kids and teachers in this club are all so awesome, it is so fun! 

My point is that it doesn't matter if you are disabled, you still can be accepted. Everyone is so nice and respectful to each other. This club has made my social skills better. My classes are all going well, too. I have a lot of homework sometimes, but I am getting through it! 

Guess what? I am turning 15 this week! I hope that it will be Spring SOON! I am getting tired of all this snow around here.
Later dudes and dudettes...Jack