Sunday, March 10, 2013


     I am sorry that it has taken me so long.   My topic today is to persevere. You can do almost anything if you just persevere.   I know that it is tough.   A disabled person can very well get a job.   It is one of the great gifts God has given to us.   Disabilities can’t change our identities.   It is only a part of us.   There are really no limits.   Believe that you can change the world! Believe that anything is possible! Believe! If you persevere, you might make these beliefs come true.   
     Technology is always getting better. Therefore, we have the tools to help us persevere.   What would we do without them?  Good thing that we don’t live in ancient times.   Back then, disabled people could barely do anything.   That must have been so frustrating for them.   Now, we have the resources to make us have a good life.   
     Later, Jack