Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tough times

     I have had a a chaotic couple of months! My body was so tight. I was having really severe, painful spasms in my whole body. I ended up having surgery on my head and neck for Chiari Malformation. That has nothing to do with my CP. I was in ICU for a week and in the hospital for two weeks. Now I am staying at Marianjoy rehabilitation hospital because my muscle tone had decreased so much that I was having trouble swallowing and I couldn't even drive my wheelchair. I am not allowed to eat anything by mouth right now. I had to have surgery to get a G Tube (that's a feeding tube). It's really hard to cope with that, because I love eating! I told my therapists that my teeth are bored. Although, I know some people are going through so much worse times like the people in Oklahoma. 

     I am feeling a little homesick tonight.  My parents have helped me a lot because one of them is always here with me. My mom is trying to get me to switch beds with her, but that couch doesn't look comfortable so I'll stay in my amazing bed with the special mattress. It is sooooo comfortable, I love it!  My conscience tells me to pray every day that I will get my regular life back again.  Always don't wallow in self pity. Just try to tough it out. It will make things a whole lot better. Every person has a lot of rough times, you are not the only one.