Sunday, January 20, 2013


Cerebral Palsy can change your life.  It can’t ruin it. You can still do amazing things.  Some people think less of us. We should be perceived as the same as non-disabled people! Sure, we can’t talk as well as other people. That is why there are communication devices. PRC has some great communication devices. Check them out at They have made my life a ton easier.  Without them, I wouldn’t be what I am today. I’m so greatly influenced by my my eco.   
I love to talk to people. It is tough for me to get into a conversation.  My Eco isn’t fast enough.  That is very frustrating.  Therefore, I try hard to make it happen.  Most of the time, it isn’t perfect.  At least I can communicate.   Technology has come a long way.  I can’t wait until the best communication device comes out! 
      I just found out that today (January 20th) is a national day of acceptance for people with disabilities. I think that is a really cool idea. I am really lucky that people make me feel accepted. My family always accepts me and I feel accepted at school too. I have never been bullied and I know that I am so lucky. A lot of people with disabilities get bullied. That is so sad. It is sad for anyone to get bullied. I know that some people are different in a lot of ways but that is no reason to be mean. 
Later everybody,


  1. Nice to see a new entry, Jack. I was thinking about your communication 'issue' and I also think that sometimes people worry that they are frustrating you or making you feel bad when they can't get what you are saying right away. I often feel that as your aunt, I should do better - so just hang with me as I keep working on it.
    Love you, sweetheart (I can say mushy things under my aunt privileges).
    Aunt Judy

  2. Hi Jack,

    I really like your blog! I was wondering if you had any advice for people without CP when they are talking to CP friends about their disability. I just started emailing a girl I knew in high school (I'm 27 now) who had mild CP, and when she responded, she said she "is disabled now" and living in an assisted living home. I want to start a friendship with her again, and I know that I can talk to her like a normal person but I wondered what I should say to her about her disability - is it better to say "I'm sorry", to ask questions, or to leave it alone and talk about other things?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work with this blog!


  3. great blog jack...what type of communication device do you use?