Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reach out

     Make a difference in disabled people's lives. Whether it's talking to them, volunteering, or just playing a game or hanging out with them. We do that a lot in the club I'm in at school. There are a few people with disabilities and even more people that don't have disabilities. We all enjoy the same things! This is one of the most popular clubs in my school because it's so fun.
     I enjoy hanging out with my friends and being social. Everyone needs someone to talk to and sometimes it's nice for that person to be your own age. One thing all of my friends are really good at is acting silly. My friends make me laugh and I love to hear them laugh, too. We support each other. Last month at school we had a triathlon. I was riding my bike around the track and so many people were cheering for me. I felt so good and so proud of myself.
     What are my summer plans? Hanging out with my friends, of course.  I will spend a lot of time with my family too. I plan to do stuff outside, go fishing, play with my dog and watch a lot of movies! Oh yeah, one more on my blog more often!

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