Wednesday, March 30, 2016

You never know unless you try!

First and foremost, PROJECT DANCE was a HUGE success this year! We had so many people at it and a ton of kids signed up to be buddies to guests with special needs. We had a ton of volunteers, too. Everybody had a great time AND we raised a bunch of money.

I believe that part of the reason why disabled people are in the world today is to inspire others. Someone that works with me at school sent me a video of a friend of hers that now has ALS and uses a wheelchair and a communication device. He said that God has touched his life by helping him inspire others because of his ALS. A lot of people tell me that I inspire them and that makes me feel awesome because I feel that it is my calling. I am so lucky and blessed that I am able to inspire people. My friend's with disabilities inspire me and they always make my day. When I see some of my friends at school, they make me so happy. My mom tells me that I do that for other people.

I am helping out with the volleyball team this spring. What a great group of guys! They are a silly bunch! My message for  people with disabilities is to try new things. I wasn't sure if I should do volleyball and I'm so glad I did. Sometimes, it's easier for those of us with disabilities to not try new things or not get involved, but people are really nice most of the time and they are so happy to have me as a part of the team. This could be the same for anyone with a disability. Give people a chance to meet you and talk to you. You never know unless you try!

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