Thursday, July 18, 2013

Be Yourself!

I know it's hard not to try to be someone else. Don't be afraid to just be you. Your true friends will like you no matter what. They won't see your disability, they just see you. I learned that the hard way. In seventh grade, it was really hard because sometimes at lunch kids would ignore me a lot. I wanted to be friends with some of those kids so bad. I started doing a small group lunch and it was awesome. I could actually have conversations. I've learned what real friends are. I used to think everyone who was nice to me was my friend, but now I know that some kids are just people you know.

You have to identify the characteristics of a person before making a friend.  A friend is always there for you. Real friends can be trusted and will tell you the truth. So don't try to act a certain way just to be friends with someone you think is cool. BE YOURSELF. Anyone who doesn't think you're cool enough was never your friend anyway.

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I have CP. So what, I'm still awesome
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