Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Friends and Summer!

Disabled people can still have a great summer. I've been frustrated because so much of my summer is at physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and appointments! I've been extremely busy. I've made time to hang out with some of my friends, though. I've already been to Kansas to hang out with my cousins and will be going to Iowa later this month. 

I am so lucky to have some really good friends, especially Jake and Tyson. I have a lot of really great friends. They treat me like everyone else. We laugh a lot and most of my friends like to tease my sister and that is fun to watch! Friends are one of the highlights of summer. Sometimes I miss school, but when I see my friends I feel all better. Disabled kids need friends to get through tough times. Not just friends, good friends.  I guess everyone needs that. Summer isn't good without good friends. I really want to go fishing with some of my friends this summer. I hope I get to. My parents say I need an adult to be with me and I hate that. I won't fall in the water!

 I'm getting a lot stronger. I still have to use a g-tube, but I have been able to eat a bunch of stuff! It's sooo good to eat again! In August, I will have another swallowing study. Hopefully, I will get permission to eat whatever I want! 

A special shout-out to Carter, who commented on my last post. He is an awesome kid and he is a lot like me (awesome). He's got a positive attitude and you know I love that!



  1. Hey Jack, Awesome Facebook Page! At least you caught a fish in Kansas City....glad you didn't eat it though. See you in Iowa. Sounds like Carter will be a cool sports friend. Aunt Judy.

    1. Thanks Aunt Judy! I love to eat fish, but not that kind! I will see you soon!

  2. I appreciate your courage of fighting with the disease. You need not to worry about fun and concentrate on your treatment. I hope you will get well soon and able to enjoy the life.
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