Sunday, October 20, 2013

I do what I can do

     In my life, I try to do everything I can. There are some things that I can't do. There's a ton of stuff I CAN do. I can hang out with my friends, do donuts in my wheelchair, eat donuts in my wheelchair. I can laugh, cry, pray.
     Savor every moment that is good in your life. Love your friends and your family. Being perfect doesn't buy you happiness. 
See you later dudes and dudettes,


  1. This is dudette Aunt Judy with a question...can you EAT donuts while DOING donuts in your wheelchair though?? And you are so right, enjoy whatever God sends you for that day, nothing is guaranteed. For example, I wish I could still eat doughnuts..Love you.

  2. I just found your blog through Love That Max and I love it! I became disabled at the age of 17 (I'm an old lady at the age of 26 now- shhh, don't tell anyone!) and you're right- friends, the true, really good friends- they're what life is all about. I became disabled after shattering my right hip in a goofy accident and wound up discovering I have a skeletal disease and I developed a severe pain disorder. My friends, many of which I've kown since I was younger than you are? They've been with me through it. They take turns "Cassie-sitting" (versus babysitting) me after my surgeries, they bring me goofy stuffed animals then throw the stuffed animals at me when I get whiney, lol. One of my friends even flew 5 states away to be with me during my last surgery, and she got me home all the way from Minnesota to Kentucky after the surgery was over.

    Enjoy those friends of yours. Have fun, be good balls. And when the doctors say you can eat donuts again, make them bring you a dozen of your favorite! (I also have a disease that makes swallowing difficult- certain medications can help, but I've spent years eating mush and drinking smoothies during the bad times. Eating that first donut when things get better again? Priceless. Enjoy those donuts! And pizza- yummo, is that first bite of pizza after years of not eating much of anything pretty awesome. I hope your docs say you can have it soon. And if you want ideas for ways to make pizza that's easier to swallow, feel free to ask and I'll put my recipe on my blog for your mom, k?)

    I'm off to go terrorize my neighborhood in my wheelchair... Ummm, i mean, grocery shop. Yep, grocery shopping. No running people over here! Hope your school year keeps going awesome!


  3. Hi Jack ,youre right you are awesome !! I have a little girl with cerebral palsy like you and epilepsy. I am a nurse and am very familiar with chairi malformations . It is terrible that you have to endure all these obstacles in your life . We too go to Marionjoy hospital in Wheaton to see Dr Mary Keen , have you met her she is wonderful she has been one of my daughters dr's since birth. Keep up the great work Jack your a handsome young man and very smart ...cuz you know that kids with CP are awesome !!! :) Liz

  4. Hi jack,
    Just came across your blog. You are a talented writer and have a great attitude! I have a six year old daughter with CP, nonverbal, so it's interesting to hear your perspective! I plan to share this blog with her!
    Keep up the great outlook on life, keep praying :)

  5. Hi Jack! My son is also named Jack, super cool name as I am sure you know. Please keep up up your blogging, I am trying to get a student of mine (who also has CP) to blog as well. I will pass on your blog to her!