Thursday, July 10, 2014


     Since we just got done celebrating Independence Day, I want to talk about independence. Independence is just a privilege, not a requirement. Because of my physical disability, I rely on my family to take care of me. I wish I could be more independent. It is very hard to accept that I have less independence than my friends. When I am upset about it, I try to be humorous. One time, I saw a person waterskiing and I said I'd like to try it. My mom said, "you were born into the wrong family." I said, "and with the wrong body!" I try to have a sense of humor about my Cerebral Palsy. Life's too fast to not see the humor. Zach Anner said, "People feel sorry for me because I'm in a wheelchair. Have you ever tried sitting? It's really comfortable!" I love that! Therefore, when you are feeling down about your lack of independence, think about the humorous aspect of the situation. I know you'll feel better. If you don't feel better, you can call me a liar. Or you can look up Zach Anner on YouTube. He will definitely make you laugh!
     I had a great Independence Day, by the way. I went to see some fireworks with some of my cousins and some friends of our family.
     Here is me with my dog, Bailey. She just turned two and she loves to lick my face!


  1. Jack, once again, great post! And by the way, you often make me laugh. You know I love a good smart mouth comment (just don't make one to your parents..). What a great time we had at the 4th. See you in a few days with the cousins. Aunt Judy.

  2. I know the warmth of your smile could melt an iceberg! ��