Sunday, June 22, 2014

Awareness and Summer, finally!

Finally, it is summer! The time when I am not so busy.
I am going to talk about disability awareness. Last week, on the news, somebody’s brother decided to walk 40 miles with his disabled brother that had CP on his back to raise money for equipment. This shows that disabled people are normal but we need the right equipment to achieve normalcy. This story is inspirational. I think that it gave people a reason to help and support disabled people. I also saw a video about a little girl in a wheelchair that wanted to dance in a pageant. So her dad danced her wheelchair around and picked her up and was twirling her and dancing. She was so happy. This shows that there is a way for disabled people to participate in things that they want to do.
Awareness is very important because it makes the society that we live in recognize our needs. The more people with disabilities are able to be out in the world doing regular things, the more people will be used to seeing us out in the world. Then they’ll realize that we are just like them, then maybe there will be less staring and pointing. These stories are really good for the community to see.
In my personal life, my first year of high school was AWESOME! I love high school. I had fun, worked really hard and got good grades. What else could anyone need? I played on a baseball team for special needs again this year. My last game was today. I enjoyed my team. Of course, I wish it was more competitive but I did what I could. I am feeling so thankful because my cousin had major brain surgery last week and he is doing so well. 
So, to all of my disabled readers- stay active! Get out there and do stuff! We can do just about anything we want. 
Stay positive!



  1. Jack, thanks for praying for Matt. He is still doing great. Glad you had a good baseball season playing for the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS..ha. Mr. Cubs Fan. Great post as always. Love, Aunt Judy.

    1. Thanks Aunt Judy! I hated being a Cardinal! Oh well. I'm glad Matt is doing so good. I will see you guys soon!