Saturday, March 21, 2015

Advantages of being in a wheelchair

...yes, I said advantages! 

You might not realize this, but there are advantages to being in a wheelchair. My family and I are always making a list.

1. I always have a comfortable seat
2. No one steps on my feet
3. My shoes stay really nice
4. Rock star parking
5. I don't sprain my ankle or stub my toe
6. People remember me
7. Sometimes I don't have to wait in lines
8. Wheelchair seating is often close to the floor or stage
9. People have to cook for me and get me stuff that I need
10. My parents can't make me take out the garbage or do laundry

I prefer to focus on things I CAN do rather than things I CAN'T do. Life can be really frustrating and hard sometimes so if you always look on the bright side, it can make it easier. 

I LOVE March Madness!

Remember, I have a new website,
I took a webpage design class last semester so I made that website!

My next post will be on how you should treat people with disabilities when you meet them. 


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