Monday, September 7, 2015


Happy Labor Day everyone! My homecoming is coming up soon. One of my favorite times at school. It is so much fun!  I love homecoming because I can have a normal homecoming experience like the regular kids. Here's what I'm thinking: What should I wear? Going to the parade. Going to the football game. Going to the dance. Isn't that a normal homecoming experience? What I am trying to say is that disabled people can just have as much fun as regular people. Here are some pictures of previous homecomings:
Me and my sister, ready for the game!

Silly pose with friends before the dance

Taking a break from dancing
I love homecoming because my school has spirit week before homecoming and almost everyone gets into it. We have competitions between classes and volleyball and other games. We have a shorter school day on Friday so we can have a parade downtown. Then there's the football game where it's so loud in the student section that we can't even hear. And of course there's dinner with friends and the dance. I love the dance. Did you know that people in wheelchairs can dance? My arms will be flying around! I love being in high school!

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