Sunday, November 8, 2015

Holidays are coming up

It's that time of year again. The holiday season. My favorite time of year! A time for being grateful and giving. I love the holidays because there is so much joy. Sometimes it is tough for disabled people to be grateful. Here is a Ted Talk on how to be more grateful:

When you are more grateful, you are happier. I strive to be grateful everyday. Some days it is really hard. Here are some of the things I am grateful for: 
1. My family 
2. My friends 
3. My power chair
4. My school 
5. The community that I live in
6. My house 
7. My dog, Bailey

Gratefulness has a direct correlation with happiness. When you are feeling down, think of all of the things you're grateful for.  I guarantee, you will be happier!


  1. I am grateful that God gave you life Jack and sent you to us. Love, Aunt Judy

  2. Thanks, Aunt Judy! I am grateful for you!