Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everybody! The holidays always go by so fast! It's frustrating that we won't have a white Christmas, but at least it's not below zero! We are going to my aunt's and uncle's house on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, we will go to church and have dinner at our house with some of our family. Going to church is a really important part of celebrating Christmas for me and my family.  A couple days after Christmas we will go see our cousins and go see the new Star Wars movie! Christmas is my favorite day of the year because it reminds me of all of the things I am thankful for. I talk about being thankful a lot because it is so important.

I want to tell you about something great I was a part of. My school district hosts a Christmas party for kids with special needs and I got to be a volunteer for it this year. Me and my friends helped out with some games for the kids and I got to hand out prizes. It felt so good to help make the little kids happy. They all were having a great time.

My disability doesn't interfere with my holiday celebrations at all. I can eat all the great food, sing Christmas songs and open presents! I feel lucky that most places are wheelchair accessible. We have a portable ramp that we take with us so I can get into houses that aren't accessible. So I can go to anyone's house!

I bet you're wondering what I want for Christmas. I really want an iPhone 6S, another dog and I want a laptop. I really enjoy giving presents to people, too.

Here is our Christmas card:

I'll be back in the new year! Have a safe and blessed holiday!

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